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Workshop au Boibuchet 2013

Traditional buildings made from date palm leaves have provided shelter in the extreme climate of the Arab regions for centuries. In the fast-developing global economies it is important from an ecological as well as economical perspective to re-engage with such indigenous materials: Their great chances to survive lie in their adaptability for modern use.
The aim of this workshop is to design and build a prototype for the Food Shelter Programme, which aims to serve countries where food is wasted for lack of storage facilities but date palm leaves are readily available as a building material. Food Shelter tries to combine the best of western engineering with the best of local, eco-friendly, traditional building.
Piesik’s proposed palm leaf pavilion at the Domaine de Boisbuchet will be the third prototype in a series with previous constructions in the UK and in Morocco. Participants will construct a dome with a diameter of 15 m and 4 m height, learn about contemporary palm leaf technologies and, if time permits, propose their own ideas based on this experience. Sandra invited Buro Happold’s structural engineers to take part in this workshop. The project will be exhibited in London as part of the Food Art Installation.
Programme   2013 + Palm Leaf Workshop
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